Muscle tightness can be a frustrating thing and often lead to more serious complaints if not addressed properly. Complaints such as lower and upper back pain, strains and/or muscle tears can all result from unaddressed muscle tightness.

Even though a lot of us have been on holiday it may surprise us that our muscles can sometimes still be tight and sore even when not working. Often the cause of our tightness is over indulgence in things like sugar, meat and alcohol. Chinese medicine explains this occurrence through the liver and the spleen.

The Liver along with its partner the Gall Bladder is said to control tendons and sinews. If these organs become over worked through alcohol, stress, or fatty foods then it can result in a tightening of the muscles, sinews and tendons.

The Spleen is in charge of making blood and sending it to the four limbs. If the Spleen is overworked due to poor diet and alcohol this function is also diminished, resulting in tiredness/tightness and heaviness of the four limbs and its muscles.

What does all this mean? Well if you or a loved one are suffering from tightness, pain, or over indulged a little too much in the holidays. Then acupuncture can provide a lot of relief by targeting not only the tight muscles, but also the organs causing the tight muscles, and any other organ or area that is feeling the strain of the festive season.

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