The term “Candida” (or Candidiasis) is used to describe yeast overgrowth within the body. It is a single cell fungus that lives in all mucus membranes in our bodies, the intestines, bladder, lungs etc.

The Silent Epidemic “Candida” under normal circumstances keeps the “bad” organisms under control and helps in the digestive processes of our food. However, if Candida gets out of control and increases in numbers compared to other organisms it starts to cause health problems. Some of the more obvious symptoms are thrush and fungal skin rashes but some of the other less obvious related illnesses that it can cause are eczema, weakened immunity, ADHD, depression, bloating, recurrent UTIs, brain fog, and the list goes on.

sugar poisoningA healthy immune and digestive system keeps the Candida numbers under control, but in times of stress, high sugar diets, taking antibiotics or periods of high hormonal levels (pregnancy, contraceptive pill etc) Candida levels can greatly increase. The Candida organism produces toxic waste products such as acetaldehyde which causes destructive inflammatory processes and further weakens the immune system.

Diagnosing Candida can sometimes be challenging as it is an organism that is always present in the body. A live blood analysis done by a naturopath can sometimes detect Candida in the blood stream which is always a problem as it should never be present there.     

Healing Candida requires healing and strengthening the immune system and the digestive process using various supplements such as herbs, digestive enzymes, and vitamins and minerals, such as A and C and zinc. As 70-80% of the lymphatic immune system resides in the gut lining, when this is strong it keeps Candida under control and if the digestive system is working well then we absorb our food and it isn’t left fermenting in the gut and feeding the yeasts.

Due to the high stress levels, many hormonal therapies and processed foods in our western lifestyle has seen Candida soar to epidemic proportions and causes many insidious illnesses that are not managed well until the immune system and digestion is repaired.

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