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Darkfield Microscopy is a way of studying live whole blood cells under a specially adapted microscope that projects the dynamic image onto a viewing monitor. This allows our qualified Naturopath, Cassi Cowlam, to identify and treat your health problems faster and better than ever before. This technique enables the evaluation of blood features in their living state.1 Unlike most other medical testing you remain present during the analysis. This gives you the unique and fascinating opportunity to see your own blood cells on the monitor screen. Real Time Blood Screening cannot be replaced by any other blood examination, neither by normal microscope examination, nor by blood tests sent to laboratories.

How is the examination carried out?

Using a very fine needle, a drop of blood is taken from the finger and directly placed on a glass slide. Without fixation or colouring, the blood is examined through the darkfield microscope, right after the sample has been taken with up to 1000x enlargement. The patient watches the process via the viewing monitor. Observations are made on variations in the size, shape, ratios & fine structure of red cells, white cells, platelets and other structures in your blood.

Why use Real Time Blood Screening?

Live Blood Analysis detects functional imbalances, otherwise known as ‘precursors’ to disease very early on, in some instances well before detection by standard blood pathology. This technology enables a practitioner to view the body’s inner terrain (milieu) and to examine the functions of the red and white blood cells.  Your practitioner is able to see any developed structures such as bacteria and fungus.  Indications of viral exposure may be seen from viewing the white blood cells. Real Time Blood Screening shows the state of the blood cells and the plasma in a functional and structural way, making bacterial processes and fungal pre-stages in the blood clearly visible. Recommendations can then be implemented to rectify the ‘precursor’ in the initial stage – prevention being a far easier and better health strategy than is a cure.

What can it tell you?

The state of your digestive, eliminative and immune functions can be assessed as well as detecting the presence of bacteria and other micro-organisms such as fungus and yeast. This method provides information about possible vitamin deficiencies, amount of toxicity and mineral imbalance as well as identifying areas of concern and weaknesses. Real Time Blood Screening can identify a number of conditions directly affecting the blood (such as anaemias) and also indicate instances of: • Nutritional deficiencies • Organ-system dysfunctions • Gut Permeability & Digestive health • Antioxidant levels & Free-Radical load • Certain biochemical imbalances • Immune system imbalances

How to book an analysis

Our naturopath Cassi Cowlam is trained in darkfield microscopy and will take you through your analysis in a professional manner that explains results clearly. Combined with a naturopathic consultation, Real Time Blood Screening will allow Cassi to tailor a health plan specific to your needs.

Cassi Cowlam

Cassi Cowlam


Providing practical nutritional and lifestyle advice combined with herbal medicine, Cassi creates individual wellness programs built on naturopathic philosophy.  Having a passion for nutrition, Cassi is highly-skilled in the art of natural medicine, not only in clinical practice, but has been lecturing and supervising final clinic students at the Endeavour College of Natural Health for the past 9 years.

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