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A Simple Yet Accurate Way to Track Your Body’s Changes

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Bioimpedance test is also known as a VLA scan (vitality, longevity and healthy ageing) is computerised health analysis provides a highly accurate assessment of your overall health. The state of the art technology was originally developed by the NASA space programme to monitor body composition changes in astronauts and has also been used to track recovery of hospital patients. Our qualified naturopath, Cassi Cowlam, used VLA tests to form a detailed picture of her patients health, develop specific treatment plans and track the progress of an individual’s health journey.  


Specifically Designed to Reveal Your:

  • Ideal Weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Risk
  • Biological Age
  • Toxicity Level
  • Cellular Health
  • Hydration Level
  • Individual Nutritional Requirements
  • Blood Pressure

Bio-impedance analysis can mea­sure your body composition, including body fat & muscle mass.


The test involves electrodes being attached to your hand and foot that pass a low electrical current through your body. The current will find a pathway through lean tissues that have lower resistance then fat. Although it may sound daunting the test is actually quick and pain free. Patients who take the bio-impedance test find it to be a very useful health indicator that provides great motivation. The test shows imbalances in the body which can be improved using diet, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. Our naturopath Cassi Cowlam is trained in bio-impedance analysis and will be able to advise you of the best approach for your specific needs
Bek Hall

Bek Hall

Adv.Dip.Nat, Adv.Dip.Nut, Adv.Dip.West.Herb.Med, FSM Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist

Bek is a warm, passionate, and fully accredited Naturopath originally hailing from the picturesque Southern Highlands in New South Wales, where she originally started her own Practice upon graduating almost a decade ago.

Since then, she has helped countless every day Australians suffering ill health return to a life of happiness and wellness. She has experience within the natural medicine industry not only in consulting in her private practice, but also as one of the senior Naturopaths at an acclaimed Health Retreat in New South Wales, contributing to articles in health magazines and publications over the years, and most recently working for one of Australia’s leading innovative Natural Medicine companies.

During this time, Bek has encountered and treated a broad range of health issues successfully and has had the privilege of being at the forefront of breakthrough research and advancements in evidence based alternative and natural medicines and methodologies. She has a special gift of connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds, which aids her in really understanding what someone is seeking to gain from their treatment.

Empathising with the overwhelm that can be caused by the pressures of modern-day life, and the stress illness can cause, Bek also takes a gentle and practical approach while assisting her patients to overcome their health challenges.

Her goal is always to identify and treat the underlying cause of an illness, not just the symptoms and do so in a way that suits a patient’s individual circumstances and lifestyle.

Bek holds formal qualifications in naturopathy, nutritional medicine, western herbal medicine and is also trained in the areas of functional pathology, psychology, counselling, frequency specific microcurrent therapy, and energy healing. She is ever expanding her knowledge and honing her craft with ongoing education in health sciences – with neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum physics, quantum medicine and the emerging science behind energy healing being true passions.

While interested in all areas of health, she has special interest in mental health and behavioural disorders, conditions affecting the immune system, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal conditions, preconception care, inflammatory bowel diseases, thyroid conditions and ‘mystery illnesses’ that pathology has yet to give clear diagnosis/answers to.

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