Natural Detox, Marie Farquharson, Element Books Ltd, 1999.

If you are unsure as to how you may be absorbing toxins, answer the questions in this survey and add up the number you have said ‘Yes’ to the higher the number, the more toxic – and in need of a detox – you are likely to be.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to more than three questions in each area, your body is working under a serious amount of pressure and it’s time you gave your system a well-earned holiday and treat yourself to a detox.


On a regular basis, do you eat or drink the following?

Coffee or tea.

Fizzy soft drinks.

White bread and pasta rather than whole meal varieties.

Mostly non-organic produce.

Fried foods.


Ready made meals.

Processed foods. (canned or frozen sauces)

Sweets and crisps.

Processed meats – ham, bacon, sausages, etc.

Diet products.

Tap water. (or use it for cooking and hot drinks)

Non-organic fruit and vegetables without first peeling or washing them.

Non-organic leafy vegetables without first removing the outer leaves.

Non-organic root vegetables without first scrubbing and peeling them.

Do you?

Add salt (inc sea salt) to your cooking and at the table

Regularly exceed healthy drinking guidelines for alcohol

Re-use fat and cooking oil

Add sugar to tea and/or coffee

Environment / lifestyle

Do you live in a city?

Do you live, walk or run alongside busy roads

Do you regularly swim in a chlorinated pool?

Do you drive a car?

Do you work in an airconditioned office?

Do you use a mobile phone?

Do you live near an electricity power station, substation or pylons?

Do you work at a computer?

Is your home centrally heated?

Is your home double glazed?

Have you recently had a course of treatment for pests or damp carried out in your home?

Have you recently bought soft furnishings?

Do you regularly use household cleaning products?

Do you smoke?

Do you experience a lot of stress at work and/or at home?

About you

Do you have dry skin or hair?

Do you have skin problems, such as eczema?

Are you constantly tired?

Do you find it hard to concentrate?

Do you get sinus problems?

Do you experience constipation?

Do you get night sweats?

Do you crave sugary foods?

Do you crave savory foods?

Do you frequently get headaches?

Do you suffer from water retention?

Do you experience flatulence or bloating?

Do you have problems sleeping?

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