Science proves Cycloid Action® a winner!

Back in the 1920’s, miners worked hard in the coal mines of Canada. The work was back-breaking and relentless, with miners spending hoursin unnatural positions digging for coal. With no professionals to turn to, the miners sought pain relief from the vibrations of an old coal sorting machine. They would stand against the machine for twenty minutes or so and feel enormous relief from their body’s ailments. It seemed not every machine worked, just this one No one knew why this made such a differenc, they just knew it worked.

Two enterprising engineers determined the differentiating factor was extremely low amplitude with three dimensional vibrations coming from the machine. The engineers decided to reproduce the mechanical vibration and create a portable source so others could enjoy the benefits.

The model was patented in the mid 1930’s, but nearly didn’t make it to market as the men were busy with other things. Then in 1984 Owen K Murphy was impressed by the healing powers of this machine and purchased the portable product and patent. He called his new product Niagara, and Niagara therapy, with its unique Cycloid Action® has been helping people feel better ever since.

Niagara productsOver the years Cycloid Action® has been found to provide benefits well beyond the initial circulation problems it was initially created to treat. People found their arthritis felt better and lymphoedema sufferers noticed an improvement in drainage. It also helped people with muscle pain, nervous tension and many other health related problems. So profound have the results been, scientific studies have been conducted globally to determine the exact effects of Cycloid Action® with surprising results.

Neil Piller, a professor in the Department of Surgery School of Medicine at Flinders University in South Australia, and Director of the Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic in Finders Surgical Oncology Unit, said ‘…Cycloid Vibration® has been used extensively for over 50 years. Some Hospitals, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Sports Medicine Clinics employ the use of vibration therapy to assist in the management and recovery of their patients and clients. One of the major actions of the vibration is on the lymphatic system by improving its drainage capacity.

This means a better clearance of waste products from the tissues, quick and efficient removal of inflammatory mediators and thus a quick return to cellular and tissue homeostasis.’

In lay mans terms, it appears Cycloid Action® gently stimulates the circulation system, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage, providing temporary and repeatable relief from aches, pains and muscle soreness. For people with a limited ability to exercise or chronic inflammation, this is good news. In a country that built itself on hard work, Australia is already embracing this technology that came from humble beginnings to improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

For further information regarding Cycloid Action® or for a free demonstration of Niagara products contact The Medical Sanctuary.

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