Cassi Cowlam


B.H.Sc (Nat)

Cassi is a graduate of the Australian College of Natural Medicine and has also studied in London at The College of Nutritional Medicine.  A caring practitioner who addresses your health issues based on a holistic philosophy and encourages a preventative approach to empower individuals to achieve and maintain wellness. Although Cassi has a special interest in women’s health, including hormonal imbalances, preconception care, digestive disturbances, stress and fatigue, she can help treat all issues relating to family health.  This includes childhood allergies, skin problems and infections, as well as male health issues such as prostate problems and infertility. Providing practical nutritional and lifestyle advice combined with herbal medicine, Cassi creates individual wellness programs for each patient. Cassi is also trained in Real Time Blood Screening and provides this service from the practitce.
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