John Burchell


N.D., Hom, R.M. and C.I.

John Burchell is a highly regarded naturopath, homoeopath and integrative medicine practitioner. He brings to the Medical Sanctuary 25 years extensive clinical experience. History John has developed an approach that differs from the majority. His practice has evolved from vast experience, both personally and professionally, from the many therapies that are employed around the world and time spent with highly acclaimed practitioners. To name a few; Raman Das (Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine), Dr. Subrata Banajea (Professor of homoeopathy), Professor Don Maisch (specializing in the effects of EMF’s and EMR’s), and Dr. David Spall (Pioneer in cancer treatment and research) all from which John has gathered many insights, experiences and techniques to draw upon in his own practice. Having suffered long term illness for much of his childhood, and again during his thirties, John can very much relate to the realities and restriction on practicalities that illness can present. During the period from 1985 to 1995 John practiced from his own clinic in Melbourne Victoria, focusing on deep tissue therapy, naturopathy, homoeopathy and iridology. During this time John worked alongside a chiropractor, acupuncturist and psychologist, as well as establishing working relationships with various medical centers and hospitals. John was also active in the Victorian homebirth association, attending births in hospitals and homes. John volunteered time in nursing homes and local hospitals, and has been involved in many professional and public seminars. During the later half of the nineties John studied the effects of environmental toxins on human health, and the so-called ‘safety’ of domestic toxins. These included: herbicides, pesticides, petrochemicals, PABA’s, chlorines, fluorides and agricultural fertilizers. John has been in practice on the Gold Coast since 2004. How John Practices A compassionate and intuitive practitioner whose current primary focus is homeopathic treatment, John integrates nutritional and herbal medicine, drawing on his many years of association with Doctors and allied practitioners to refer to adjunct therapies as required. Johns experience enables him to manage and overview patients’ health from a holistic perspective, treating varying levels of disease. John uses the analogy of “A conductor and Orchestra”, the orchestra being all the factors that can build complete health and the conductor being homoeopathy, to stimulate and direct to the best that the orchestra can perform. He experiences homoeopathy as highly effective and highly efficient, especially in acute illness. Homoeopathy has the capacity to work at an energetic as well as a physiological level, so yields well to both emotional and physical illness and dysfunction. Because of homoeopathy’s capacity to work at these levels, it can be applied to so called “Non disease states” – for instance:

  • Difficulties in relationships.
  • Difficulties in general life.
  • Difficulty in finding your true vocation or true centre of being.
  • Bereavement, trauma, grief .
  • Management of trauma such as sporting and workplace injuries, car accidents and post-surgery.
  • Pre-conception, pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding.

Also “non-specific illness” such as chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia etc.. Homoeopathy is brilliant for infantile illness and upsets, be it fevers, diarrhea or teething. John has found homoeopathy especially useful when infants and toddlers are just restless, upset or unmanageable. Children have particular traits and types of cries, which a homoeopath can identify and use to prescribe from. Understanding the link between physical and emotional factors of disease and whether to focus on one or the other, or both, is an important part of Johns’ practice. He applies several techniques to determine this, or to prioritize where to start. One of the key techniques John applies is family lineage psychology. This provides a basis to determine propensities and susceptibilities based on personal and family histories and the recurring patterns or ‘default modes’ that may present. He describes this as “Homoeopathy for the Soul”. John applies his experience to all aspects of health, to preconception, pregnancy, birth, infancy, childhood and adolescence, through to old age – and to any conditions, acute or chronic.  

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