Colon Cleanse 125g powder


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Colon Cleanse uses magnesium oxide to cleanse the entire digestive tract safely and gently. Magnesium oxide draws large amounts of water into the gastrointestinal tract which softening and liberating impacted and hardened waste matter to be flushed out. Magnesium oxide is one of the best and safest intestinal cleansers.

When mixed with water and consumed, it's unique properties allows it to liberate large amounts of oxygen. The additional oxygen in the intestinal tract encourages healthy, oxygen loving (aerobic) bacteria and at the same time inhibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria and funghi (Candida Albicans).

Ingredients: Each 5ml teaspoon contains 1.065g of magnesium as: Magnesium oxide – heavy – 1.6g Magnesium carbonate – heavy – 400mg

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