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This refreshing, effervescent liquid is an active source of friendly lactobacillus bacteria, a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Lemon & Ginger is a high quality probiotic liquid, produced through an entirely natural, organic fermentation process, .

Lemon and Ginger are used for their wonderful flavours and widely known and recognised healthy effects on the body and circulation. Including good sources of probiotic bacteria in the diet may help to replenish those lost through normal body functioning. Scientific research has shown good health effects on the body from increasing the numbers of probiotic bacteria and decreasing the numbers of putrefactive bacteria in the intestines.

Traditionally, many different cultures have included a naturally fermented probiotic liquid in the diet. These liquids have always been a highly prized and respected part of the diet for their flavour, bubbles and perceived health promoting effects. Lemon and Ginger liquid is produced using a traditional method of fermentation, no short cuts, no modern chemicals or additives.

Because the Lemon and Ginger Liquid is an active source of lactobacillus bacteria, the liquid is self-carbonating so we recommend refrigeration of the product prior to opening. Gently shake the bottle and untwist the cap slowly to release gas. There will be a little sediment in the bottom of the bottle that is necessary for food for the bacteria.


    • Refreshing


    • Effervescent


    • Real Lemon and Ginger


    • Probiotic Liquid


    • Naturally fermented


    • All natural, organic ingredients


    • Friendly bacteria


    Traditional good health liquid


Lemons are rich in vitamin C (50mg in 100g of lemon juice) and potassium, and contain good amounts of calcium and B vitamins. They are low in sugar and sodium.


Ginger, consists of the fresh or dried roots of Zingiber officinale. Ginger has been used for centuries in Asia and was indelibly imprinted on the taste buds of Westerners before potatoes, tomatoes, and corn were even known to exist by Europeans.

Dilute with water, freshly squeezed juices, add to recipes, use in smoothies and salad dressings, or drink it straight.

Ingredients: Malt, Organic Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, Whole Organic: (Oats, Maize, Alfalfa Seed, BD Rice, Pearl Barley), Organic Fresh Green Ginger, Whole Organic: (Linseed, Mung Bean, Rye Grain, Wheat, Millet), Buckwheat, Filtered Water added PLUS Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus delbreukii, Saccharomyces boulardii, Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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