biological ageOften we feel younger or older then our years would imply, why could this be? Some say you must be young at heart, others believe it is how old you act that is truly important. A bio-impedence test will not expose your maturity levels but it will calculate your biological age

The bio-impedance test, also known as Cellular Health or VLA analysis, was originally created by NASA to monitor the body composition changes in astronauts. Naturopaths use the test to look at key biomarkers of ageing in the body, including:

  • body fat
  • fat free mass
  • active tissue mass (muscles, bones and organs)
  • total body water (intracellular and extracellular)
  • body mass index (will show if you are under or over weight)
  • fluid retention factor (caused by toxicity, stress or hormonal imbalances)

The test involves electrodes being attached to your hand and foot that pass a low electrical current through your body. Although this process sounds a little unnerving you will not feel any pain or discomfort. The current simply find a low resistance pathway through lean tissues, fat is a poor conductor and puts up more resistance.

Patients who take the bio-impedance test find it to be a very useful health indicator that provides great motivation. The test shows imbalances in the body which can be improved using diet, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. Your naturopath will be able to advise you of the best approach for your specific needs.

biological health

One important key to lowering your biological age is having a healthy fat to muscle ratio. Often people eat too many carbohydrates and not enough protein. Food high in carbohydrates such as white bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes are broken down very quickly by the body, causing a sudden rise in blood glucose levels. This triggers a release of insulin that clears glucose from the blood, which in turn induces hunger pains. In general people do not burn enough energy to use the large amount of carbs they consume. On the other hand good protein rich foods like red meat, chicken, seafood, eggs, legumes and nuts help to break down amino acids which are vital in muscle synthesis.


Foods to avoid

  • Processed of tinned vegetables
  • Wheat or corn cereals
  • Processed and refined cereals
  • Biscuits, pastries and cakes
  • Wheat pasta, noodles and cous cous
  • Processed meats like sausages, salami and ham
  • Fast food
  • Linseeds
  • Peanuts and peanut butter

healthy foods

Good food

  • All fruit and vegetables (small amounts of white potato)
  • Cereals made from rice, millet, oats, quinoa or aramanth
  • Porridge
  • Wheat free bread
  • Wheat free pasta
  • Rice (brown is better)
  • Red meat and chicken
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Soy, rice or oat milk
  • Beans, nuts and legumes

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