12 facts on how Rosehip will help with everything from skin to joint health


  1. Natural dose of Vitamin C: The Rosehip plant’s deep root system allows the berries to absorb vitamins and minerals, making it one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C. This natural source of vitamin C found in the Rosehip pant is absorbed in the body more effectively than synthetic vitamin C.
  2. Anti-oxidants galore: Aside from its potent dose of vitamin C, Rosehip also contains vitamins A & E making this little berry an antioxidant powerhouse.
  3. Has omega-3 benefits: Rosehip contains Omega-3 fatty acids, known to be anti-inflammatory in the body.
  4. Assists inflammation and arthritic conditions: Rosehip in a standardised powder form is scientifically demonstrated to help reduce joint inflammation, swelling and pain associated with Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism. The standardised Rosehip powder has been clinically tested to improve symptoms of discomfort and inflammation associated with these conditions, and as a result may reduce the need for painkillers.
  5. Benefits of RosehipScientific Backing: A study (Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology, 2005) on a standardised Rosehip powder indicated that 82% of Osteoarthritis patients had a reduction in pain after three weeks of treatment with the powder.
  6. GOPO Compound: This is the key compound which is activated during the special drying process of the Rosehip which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Only one Rosehip product in Australia activates this special compound. Try Rosehip Vital with GOPO.
  7. Sleep soundly: Those struggling with unforgiving joint pains and aches often struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Patient’s who’ve taken Rosehip powders with GOPO for long periods of time have noticed improved sleeping patterns and reduced morning stiffness.
  8. Cartilage Protection: According to a scientific study (biomedcentral.com/14726882/11/105), a standardised Rosehip powder may help protect the cartilage cells which facilitate joint movement, allowing for more flexibility and mobility.
  9. Well tolerated and non-allergen: Rest assure that Rosehip powder is free from wheat, dairy, sugar, shellfish, lactose, GM ingredients and preservatives. It is also 100% plant based and suitable for vegetarians.
  10. Nourish your skin with Rosehip: Rosehip has potent regenerative properties aiding in hydration, scarring and irritations.
  11. Improved Energy: The vitamin C found in Rosehip can promote energy and help improve general wellbeing encouraging exercise and movement.
  12. Sustainable Health: Rosehip in a standardised powder form is 100% natural plant based and free from animal products, making it a sustainable health option for the natural management of inflammation. A comparative meta-analysis of 1220 people demonstrated that Rosehip in a standardised powder form was more efficacious that glucosamine hydrochloride in the treatment of Osteoarthritic pain (Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology, 2005).


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