fermented detox program

Dr Elen’s Foods Fermented Detox program (FFDetox) uses traditionally prepared, bio-fermented organic whole foods specifically combined to promote rapid yet gentle detoxification of metabolic waste products from the body while helping to reduce inflammation. Not just a fad diet designed to starve your body of fat, the FFDetox is a culmination of years of medical and clinical experience resulting in a kit containing all natural, certified organic products that help increase your body’s ability to absorb and utilise the nutrients in your food.

That’s right – instead of stopping your body using fat or sugars, the FFDetox assists your body to process these valuable nutrients to your benefit. Instead of just increasing and resetting fat breakdown processes (also known as thermogenesis), the unique and all natural, certified organic products in the FFDetox program also aid the removal of nasty compounds usually locked away in fat stores. When we say ‘detox’, we really mean DETOX!

Featuring two simple, raw organic fermented products plus the regenerative power of fasting.

There has been much research committed to the principles of fasting in recent years providing insight and confirmation that eating ‘sub-normal’ amounts of calories for at least 24hrs and twice a week switches on many of the body’s natural anti-oxidant defence mechanisms that otherwise would not turn on. These processes scavenge stored toxins out of cells; toxins that the body normally cannot deal with due to everyday metabolic demands. During a fast however, normal metabolic and digestive processing stops almost completely allowing for a thorough cleanse to take place.

The FFDetox program takes advantage of these fasting principles by providing you super absorbable nutrients at slightly less than the maximum daily calories needed to switch on your body’s “fasting mode”. The result is a body that cleanses as if it is fasting while still running on enough energy to ‘live life’ at the same time!

FFDetox combines researched scientific principals with traditional food preparation and nutritional wisdom to rest, reset and energise your body within 10 days! But beware – if you are happy with who you are right now then this program is not for you, many have experienced profound increases in energy, mental clarity and overall health.

If you do want these then your time is now, Dr Elen’s book and FFDetox program can expose the NEW YOU!

 This incredible detox program is available at The Medical Sanctuary




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