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A Powerful Combination of Holistic Medicine and Natural Health Practitioners

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Holistic Approach to Alternative Medicine

Our team of Holistic Doctors is available to address a wide range of health issues. Dr Elen Apthomas and Dr Jolanta Paszkiewicz  have a particular expertise in alternative medicine: women’s health, nutritional & environmental medicine, anti-ageing medicine and cardiovascular risk assessment.

Holistic Approach to Fertility & Women's Health

We provide support with fertility issues, Bio identical hormone therapy, pre pregnancy and pre natal nutrition. Also, pregnancy issues like muscles soreness, joint problems, sciatic, fatigue, stress and anxiety, natural induction, birth preparation, post natal care and more. If you want a team of qualified professionals you can trust to nurture your journey, The Medical Sanctuary's alternative medicine specialists are your team.

Alternative Medicine's Perspective on Weight Loss

When you address the powerful factors that cause weight gain you will discover that you naturally reach & maintain your ideal weight. Book a consultation to discuss your current health issues and your medical history. You will get a complete health assessment: your diet, nutritional status, activity level and how your body is actually functioning. Pathology testing is also used to assess your current status and powerful tools track your body's changes.

Holistic Approach to Detoxification without Suffering

Inflammation is an underlying cause of all chronic health conditions and obesity. Our bodies are now exposed to an increasingly alarming number of chemicals in our environment. These chemicals include heavy metals and pollution in our atmosphere, pesticides and chemicals in our food and plastics that are everywhere in our lives. Detoxification is foundational to reduction in inflammation and overall good health.


Trained in a variety of Alternative medicine techniques and using a natural, drug-free approach to managing all types of chronic neck and back pain, our practitioners believe reducing metabolic stress and restoring normal mobility and function to all areas of the body is vital to reducing what triggers your pain. 

Anti-Ageing Medicine

Healthy ageing is a feeling of vitality, harmony and balance in all aspects of your life, no matter what your age. It is possible to renew your mind, body & soul to live a longer and healthier life. Healthy ageing can be achieved with optimal nutrition, healthy hormone balance and positive lifestyle habits.

Cardiovascular Health

The Medical Sanctuary's holistic approach to whole body health is backed by the latest developments in medical science. Cardiovascular medicine is changing swiftly in light of a new understanding of the role in cholesterol in the body and the effect that chronic inflammation has on the heart. Get informed..

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