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Our massage therapist, Jennifer Kirk, is trained in lymphatic drainage which stimulates the lymph system with extremely light, circular movements. How is the Drainage done and What is Lymphatic drainage? Lymph drainage massage (also called lymphatic drainage and lymph massage) is a form of very light massage that encourages lymph flow in the body. Jennifer applies manual hand circular movements to pump or glide techniques that have a very soothing and relaxing effect. It is particularly good for detoxification, after chemotherapy/radiation, reducing inflammation & swelling, blue bruising, fluid retention, or oedema, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction. It can also help with cellulite treatments, scar tissue, spider veins, redness and acne. Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle whole body treatment that relaxes the nervous system and aids to increase the body’s immune system. Where on my Body is my Lymphatic System? The lymphatic system is located directly beneath the skin. It can be used as part of a facial, or as a whole body treatment. When our lymphatic system is stimulated by massage, toxins are eliminated so our body works more efficiently, the immune system is boosted, and cells are supplied more readily with nutrients. Tell me more about the lymphatic System Through Jennifer’s studies she can share why it is important to have an understanding of the lymphatic system, which is made up of organs, ducts and nodes. Lymph is a colourless fluid containing white blood cells, which bathes the tissues and drains through the lymphatic system into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system acts like a huge washing machine that has been put on the spin cycle and wrings the lymph out of the various tissues and cells. The Lymph glands are found at neck, armpits, groin, etc. and are connected by a broad network of vessels which transplant the fluid. Muscular movement is required to move it, as there is no “Heart” to pump it.

Our Lymph system needs help

The lymph system is a slow-moving, system of vessels and lymph nodes that is supplementary to the body’s system of blood circulation. The lymph system both delivers nutrients to the cells and carries away excess water, cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins Lets looks what happens Internal_organs

  • The main functions of the Lymphatic Drainage is it produces lymphocytes which prevents disease in the body.
  • It is able to help maintain fluid balance by collecting and returning interstitial fluid to the blood.
  • It absorbs lipids from the intestines and transports them to the blood.
  • The key to a healthy lymph system and drainage is keeping the liver in tip-top shape.
  • There is a big connection between a healthy liver and a properly functioning lymph system.

  • That is because 25-50% of lymph that flows through the thoracic duct is produced by the liver.

  • The thoracic duct is the main duct (from your neck all the way down your abdomen) in your body for the lymph system. It transports most of the lymph to the bloodstream.

  • The lymph in the thoracic duct carries nutrients from the intestines into the blood stream and draws lymph from both halves of the body.

  • If that much lymph comes from your liver and flows into the main “vessel” of the lymph system then it makes sense why a healthy liver=healthy lymph.

When can I have it done? Methods of Lymphatic Drainage? . When your body feels sluggish or yuk! By stimulating the lymphatic system you help to support the body’s immune system, reduce full body chronic pain, heal the body from surgery (example deep scarring) and aid in the body’s natural waste removal or detoxification. Lymphatic drainage is highly recommended for those prone to and recovering from sore throats, colds, infections, on-going tiredness, excess fluids, low immunity and swollen nodes. For physically in-activeness  it has proven to be helpful in cases of muscle-related maladies and constipation. Lymphatic drainage in this arena can be applied to clients who are suffering from a lack of energy, or a sluggish immune system. Achieving Optimal Results with LDT, what to expect after your Lymph Drainage session:

  • Feeling your body as “light and fluffy.”
  • Brain Fog.
  • Increased odorous urination.
  • Increased odorous bowel movements.
  • Temporary change in your body odour. Increased sweat.
  • Deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Hunger or cravings for fats.
  • Thirst.
  • Tiredness, wanting to rest or nap.
  • Sinus Drainage.
  • Ear Drainage.
  • Reductions in swelling and headaches.
  • Shifts in congestion (one sinus to another etc.) or pressure changes in joints or areas where prior injury or trauma has occurred.

After Several Lymph Drainage Therapy Sessions, other common benefits are:

  • Weight loss with a reduction in adipose and cellulite tissue.
  • Reduced water retention.
  • Reduction or elimination of your chronic pain.
  • Reduction of your skin conditions and allergies.
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased metabolism.
  • Reduction of PMS symptoms.
  • Improved range of motion in your joints.
  • Stronger immune system function and illness prevention.
  • Regeneration or youthfulness of skin tissue

Drink plenty of water after a lymph drainage massage to help flush out toxins. Stay away from salt and alcohol after a massage, as they inhibit the body’s ability to flush out toxins. Wear light loose clothes. Sessions It is recommended to have 4 session’s of 1.1/2hours on a weekly basis. To read more about our experienced massage therapist Jennifer Kirk click here.

Jennifer Kirk

Jennifer Kirk

Massage Therapist - Gold Coast

Jennifer’s training as a massage therapist coupled with her background as a professional athlete provides her with a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the effects that physical training exerts upon it.

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