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Do you suffer health obstacles that make it hard to lose weight?

  • High Blood Sugar Levels
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Sluggish Metabolism­
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Low Appetite Control
  • Ongoing Fatigue

A comprehensive Naturopathic assessment will help you discover the reasons why you struggle to lose weight permanently. A consultation includes a full discussion of your current health issues and your medical history. A complete health assessment is performed to assess your diet, nutritional status, activity level and how your body is actually functioning. Pathology testing is also used as medical science helps us to understand the workings of your body. When you address the powerful factors that cause weight gain you will discover that you naturally reach & maintain your ideal weight. Our naturopath, Cassi Cowlam, can tailor an individual weight loss plan also includes healthy food guidelines, a nutritional supplement protocol and exercise recommendations.

Cassi Cowlam

Cassi Cowlam


Providing practical nutritional and lifestyle advice combined with herbal medicine, Cassi creates individual wellness programs built on naturopathic philosophy.  Having a passion for nutrition, Cassi is highly-skilled in the art of natural medicine, not only in clinical practice, but has been lecturing and supervising final clinic students at the Endeavour College of Natural Health for the past 9 years.

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