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Holistic Medicine

At The Medical Sanctuary we strongly believe in a holistic approach to medicine. Our team of Holistic Doctors are available to address a wide range of health issues. The team has particular expertise in women’s health, nutritional & environmental medicine, anti-ageing medicine and cardiovascular risk assessment.

Our Holistic Doctors Are Available to Assist:

  • Natural Hormone Support
  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Thyroid Function
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Period Pain & Menstrual Issues
  • Headaches
  • Weight Loss
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Chronic Candida
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections
  • Preventative Health & Anti-ageing Medicine

What is the difference between Conventional & Holistic Medicine?

Conventional medical training teaches the methods required to accurately diagnose a medical condition, but the treatment centres on prescribing medications that are mostly symptomatic. These medications do not address the underlying cause of your illness. Nor do they seek to improve your overall level of health. Holistic Medicine recognises that your health is determined by a complex interaction of physical, psychological, genetic, environmental and social factors.

holistic medicine
To treat a disease or promote good health your Holistic Doctor treats you as a whole person by considering all of these factors. Our practitioner’s may use any variety of natural healing suggestions to work in partnership with an individual toward greater health, wholeness, balance and integration. This approach to health recognises the patient as a whole person, not just a disease or a collection of symptoms. In the course of treatment, our holistic medical practitioners will address a patient’s emotional dimensions as well as the nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors that may contribute to an illness.
Holistic Medical Doctors

Holistic Medical Doctors

Dr Elen. Dr Jolanta. Dr Cris

There’s a certain security in knowing your healing journey is chaperoned by a qualified Medical Doctor. Check in with the scientific evidence of your health picture and your improvements as you heal. Dr Elen and Dr Paszkiewicz have­ particular expertise in women’s health, nutritional & environmental medicine, anti-ageing medicine and cardiovascular risk assessment. An appointment with a Holistic Doctor will help manage clinical and sub clinical conditions from a scientific perspective.

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Integrative Health

At The Medical Sanctuary treatments are highly individualised. You will benefit from a comprehensive and integrative approach. We take the time to assess your complete medical history, your current health concerns and the factors that impact on your well being. Our holistic doctors have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the whole body, including, psychological, nutritional, and physiological that influence your health.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine offers a far more proactive approach to health care. Optimal nutrition can reduce your risk of developing chronic, degenerative conditions such as arthritis, neurological decline, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. When a body becomes ill, nutritional medicine calls for higher, therapeutic doses of basic nutrients to address illnesses and disorders. It is effective in addressing diseases of deficiency that may be caused by poor diet or extreme environmental factors. Because this method uses substances vital to a body’s well being, nutritional medicine is well received by the body.


Andre Artmann has been practicing traditional Japanese Acupuncture and Energetic Allergy Testing for the past 10 years.  He is passionate about providing the best health outcomes possible for each one of his patients. The unique combination of Eastern and Western medicine allows him to be able to treat a wide range of symptoms.

As the son of a Doctor, my passion for healthcare derives from well-instilled interest in the human body and helping others. I always intended to follow my father’s footsteps into Western Medicine, however, after being introduced to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture by a family friend, I set out on a path on my own. After leaving school, I completed a Bachelor of Health Science followed by an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture.

To enhance my knowledge and understanding of this practice, I completed an internship at the Gung Xi Hospital in China, as well as additional training of Japanese Style Acupuncture in Japan. To ensure the continual growth of my practice, I have continued to return to Japan for study.

The addition of Allergy Testing was introduced after witnessing its outstanding results at my Father’s Clinic. My diploma of Bio-resonance was completed in 2009. Traveling to Germany, to further my skills and knowledge of the therapy.

Under the guidance of my father and acupuncture mentors, I believe I have developed a balanced understanding of both eastern and western medicine, enabling me to work well in conjunction with other modalities.

Andre specialises in the painless treatment of Stress, Anxiety, pre and post menopause. All types of acute and chronic pain, and the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and digestive complaints. 

Andre also has a special interest in cosmetic acupuncture treatments. 



  • Member AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Act) #CMR0001715125
  • Member: AACMA (Australian Association of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine)  #2704
  • Adv Dip (Acupuncture), BHSc (Bachelor Health Science) Adv Dip (Bioresonance)

The Medical Sanctuary

Our practice is committed to providing you with the highest quality health care. We have created a relaxed and comfortable environment where we can address your individual health needs. At your first visit conventional physical examinations, pathology tests and any other required tests are performed. From there a treatment plan to address both your presenting symptoms and the cause of the imbalance in your body is commenced. The individual recommendations made are explained to you and information is provided to help you understand your specific condition. Treatment often involves dietary & lifestyle advice along with nutritional or herbal supplementation. Conventional medication may also be considered if it is appropriate. This is fully discussed at the time so you can make an informed choice. This also includes information on minimising the side effects of some medication if possible.

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