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Creating a family is one of the most important and exciting experiences life offers us. Welcoming a new person into the world can be nothing short of magic. The journey from conception through pregnancy to birth is a true wonder, bringing both challenges and joy. Our team of practitioners at the Medical Sanctuary share wide ranging expertise in all area’s of pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum care. They aim to support and guide you through this time, helping your family create a special experience that is all your own.


Integrative Medicine Doctors

Doctors at the Medical Sanctuary have extensive experience helping care for families through conception to birth. Dr Elen Apthomas, Dr Jolanta Paszkiewicz and Dr Cris Beer share a special interest in women’s health that keeps them at the forefront of gynaecological and obstetric care. Their intimate knowledge of conventional, nutritional, environmental and herbal medicine allows a specialised approach. Our doctors believe building optimal health through diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle choices creates the best environment for a healthy pregnancy and birth. They work with both partners taking into account all aspects of life, including any sources of stress, to create a holistic health plan. Using these principles many issues with infertility can be overcome by naturally correcting imbalances within the body. If you are undergoing conventional fertility treatment, such as artificial insemination or IVF, combining integrative medicine not only maximises your overall health but can increase the chance of successful treatment.


Pregnancy brings to you a million changes both physical and emotional. Muscles, joints and organs realign to make way for the growing baby within. Emotions rise and fall with hormones that course through the body kick starting all the processes that go into making and delivering a little human. Pregnancy massage is a fantastic tool to ease these big changes within the body. Massage increases blood flow, promoting healthy muscle function and healing. It stimulates the lymph system, helping to boost immune and calm anxieties. Massage also brings nurturing touch and a greater awareness of our bodies. Our qualified remedial massage therapist, Jennifer Kirk, provides professional and caring treatments through out all stages of pregnancy.

Chiropractic and Osteopathy

The birth experience is a huge physical challenge for both mother and baby. Both bodies are naturally designed for the amazing process, but resulting aches, tension and misalignments are all part of the journey. Osteopathic and Chiropractic treatments bring the body back into alignment and aid healing. Our experienced practitioners, Peter Cater and Dr Karen Hall, use massage, gentle manipulation, mobilisation and stretching of the muscles, ligaments and joints to bring the muscular skeletal system back into balance. Misalignments in babies can affect digestion, breastfeeding, sleep and development. The Chiropractic Paediatric technique utilises light finger tip pressure that is gentle and very affective for treating newborns.


This ancient art of healing that has earned widespread acceptance and recognition seeks to correct imbalances within the body by stimulating energy centres. Our highly regarded acupuncturist, Gus MacAnally, has had extensive experience with pre-conceptual, prenatal and postpartum care. Acupuncture is a very effective tool aiding many aspects of this journey including;

  • fertility
  • stress release
  • muscle and joint soreness
  • sciatica
  • prevention of miscarriage
  • birth preparation
  • natural induction
  • fatigue
  • mastitis


Hypnotherapy aims to utilise the power of the subconscious by giving you the tools and awareness to mould beliefs and thought patterns. Our hypno-fertility practitioner, Anthea Thomas, believes that limiting beliefs and stress are major hurdle for fertility and reproduction. Hypno-fertility aims to create a state of relaxation within body and mind to influence the physiological changes that aid fertility.

Pregnancy Care Expertise

Pregnancy Care Expertise

Our practitioners can provide support with fertility issues, muscles soreness, joint problems, sciatic, fatigue, stress and anxiety, natural induction, birth preparation, post natal care and more. They are able to help whether you have a specific issue or simply want a team of qualified professionals you can trust to nurture your journey. Get in touch

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