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Sanelia Hein copySanelia Hein BSC (Agric) Food Science

As qualified Food Scientist, holding a Food Science degree along with over 19 years experience and a personal interest in the weight loss industry, I’m passionate about providing you with the best technologies and products, which will help you achieve your goals of looking and feeling better than ever.

I offer unique programs tailored to achieving muscle toning & firming, skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments from my clinic room in Bundall.

Body Contouring Treatments

As part of my total approach to weight reduction programs, I offer muscle toning and firming, skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments inclusive to your tailored plan.

Capella photo 2Venus Freeze

Say farewell to sagging skin and kiss cellulite goodbye with Venus Freeze treatments. Using advance technology to intensively heat the sub dermis layer of skin, Venus Freeze firms sagging skin and reduces cellulite with long lasting results (when weight is maintained).

A quick and painless treatment, with zero recovery time, I offer Venus Freeze to my clients as the perfect solution to poor and unsightly skin tone. Venus Freeze works wonders on both the face and body via the development of new blood vessels and production of collagen and elastic fibres, resulting in firmer and more vibrant skin.

After extensive weight loss, excess skin can prove unsightly and unattractive. Treatment with Venus Freeze technology produces a noticeable improvement in skin tightness, elasticity, overall skin condition, plus circumferential reduction – a noticeable decrease in measurements….Read more.


Strengthen, tone and firm your muscles using advanced Electrotherapy technology, a treatment commonly used by professional athletes and physiotherapists to recover damaged and wasted muscles. An effective and efficient treatment, one 30 minute Electrotherapy session is equivalent a six hour workout.

A revolutionary technology that stimulates the hidden resources within your body to ensure its maximum capabilities are in use, Electrotherapy treatment allows you to relax whilst we do the work for you. The result: precise, accurate and measureable tightened, toned and younger looking skin and you didn’t even need to lift a finger!…Read more.

Capella Photo 3Implementation of Venus Freeze

1. Skin Tightening

2. Cellulite reduction

3. Mummy Makeover

4. Venus Freeze for Men

5. Venus Freeze for the Face and Neck

Call Sanelia on 0416 297 898 or visit my website (www.capellahealth.com.au) for more information, testimonials and photo’s.

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