Acupuncture is an incredible modality for promoting and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

The Chinese understanding of pregnancy suggests that different stages of pregnancy are governed by certain organs and their respective meridians. It is through this understanding that a skilled acupuncturist can safely and effectively treat pregnancy from conception to birth.


Through understanding the physiological process of conception and fertility acupuncture is incredibly effective at promoting pregnancy and treating infertility. Addressing the underlying deficiencies, building blood, regulating the adrenals and often warming the abdomen is an effective and painless treatment for infertility and promotion of conception.

Morning Sickness

 Morning sickness can affect a lot of first time and even repeat pregnancies. Acupuncture involving the use of only a few specialised very fine needles, is an effective and painless method of treating and stopping morning sickness. By regulating the body often in only a couple of treatments, expecting mothers will feel relaxed, sleep better and best of all have no more morning sickness. 

Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy

 For those wishing to have a pleasant pregnancy and a natural birth, acupuncture is a great way to assist in this process. This is achieved by regulating the flow of blood, and energy through the organs and their respective meridians. Regular acupuncture throughout the pregnancy often results in a pleasant pain free pregnancy and a short labour and birth even for first time mothers.


 If labour is delayed and the mother does not wish to be medically induced, then acupuncture offers the perfect alternative. By treating the sacrum, hips and a couple of special points which release oxytocin an acupuncturist is able to painlessly assist in the promotion of labour and induction of birth. Often the result is a relaxed mother and a natural birth to follow, without the need for medical induction.

Breach Position

Acupuncture is one of the only modalities which has been shown under ultrasound to turn a baby in breach position. By preforming a specialised technique, which involves warming a point on the outside of the little toe, babies can be safely and effectively turned from a breach position.

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