Alka MagnesiumMany people understand these days that we are what we eat… and even more so, what we absorb! Magnesium is possibly the most important mineral, in the human body it is involved in over 300 enzymatic processes ranging from energy production, to efficient muscle contraction, aiding cellular glucose uptake, helping aid blood pressure, and proper nerve conduction to name just a few! But do we easily absorb the little magnesium found in our food? If your body is throwing out symptoms relating to any of the previously listed functions, then possibly not. Add in the fact that our Western diet is heavily loaded and fortified with another essential mineral that competes with the intestinal absorption of magnesium (the super important calcium) and you have a nation of potentially magnesium deficient stress-heads!

Most people understand that binding, or chelating magnesium (and other minerals) to amino acids ensures maximum absorption into the body but what a lot of companies fail to explain is that those amino acids, once they have delivered the magnesium, can then cause acidity in the body which can then drive up inflammation and decrease detoxification processes. Citrate is the most alkalinizing amino chelate and is the only amino bound to all the minerals in Alka Magnesium. Potassium citrate is also a well know alkalinizing mineral included in this exceptional vegan friendly formula.


Wise Nutrients Alka Magnesium is one of the most potent and highly alkalinizing magnesium powders available.

Available for purchase at The Medical Sanctuary or via the online store at Wise Nutrients Online Store


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