In order to create a program that helps the body to cope with diseases and imbalances it is important to understand some of what causes the body to be imbalanced and become sick in the first place.

Current medical research is now indicating that inflammation is one of the common underlying causes of many modern causes of degenerative disease such as diabetes, atherosclerosis resulting in heart disease and strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and even certain types of cancer. Whether an individual develops these diseases is a complex equation of not only inflammation but also involves factors such as genetic predisposition, lifestyle and occupational choices, nutritional deficiencies, diet, lack of exercise and stress.

Many of these factors causing disease we cannot control. The FF detox program aims to influence those factors that we can potentially control. We have many buffers or back up plans to control

inflammation in our bodies. Some of these are essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately in our modern world we not only use up these buffers too quickly but they are also not replenished with our lifestyles and diet.

Scientific research has found that some of these inflammatory protectors are built in to our genetic codes and turn on in certain circumstances. Diet has a significant impact on our inflammatory status as does the amount of metabolic waste products we have retained in our cells. The more metabolic acidic wastes we accumulate the more inflamed our bodies tend to be. The catch 22 of this situation is that the enzymes that clean out these metabolic wastes from our cells are very sensitive to the level. If the cells are too acidic then these enzymes can’t work and the cells remain full of acidic metabolic waste, they then become more and more acidic and inflamed over time causing cell and tissue damage.

The only way to help the cells remove this inflammatory metabolic waste is to undertake a program that provides highly alkaline foods with high levels of minerals and antioxidants which help to buffer acidity and inflammation. This reduction in acidity will help to turn the activity of these enzymes back on so they can clean up and remove the aggravating metabolic wastes.

Cellular and tissue repair can then occur more effectively. The enzymes in our body that create energy by burning fat do not work well in an acidic environment. Consequently an acidic body which retains metabolic waste products will have a lower metabolic rate and put on weight easily. When we are acidic our body rapidly uses its vitamins and minerals to buffer the acidity in order to keep the ph. of the blood neutral. If we are constantly acidic we have to continuously buffer this acidity as we cannot survive with acidic blood so we use up very rapidly and inefficiently the things that keep our blood neutral such as minerals especially calcium, magnesium and our vitamins so they are not spared for all their other usual health restoring properties.

There are many theories stating that this acidic load on our bodies is an aggravating factor for osteoporosis as we use up the calcium usually stored in our bones to buffer the acidity within our bodies. Because an acidic body is functioning inefficiently and many vitamins and minerals are used up to buffer the acidity, other critical bodily functions such as digesting our foods are therefore performed inefficiently. Digestion requires huge amounts of nutrients to create hydrochloric acid in the stomach, pancreatic enzymes and liver bile production. Further nutrients are then required to assist the body to absorb the digested food from the intestine into the blood stream which then in turn feeds the cells, allowing them to perform critical bodily functions.

When food is poorly digested it sits in the intestine and acts as a food source for any pathogenic (non-healthy) bacteria and other organisms that are housed there. These pathogenic organisms produce high numbers of metabolic waste products that add to the acidic burden of our bodies.

As beneficial organisms compete with pathogenic organisms in our digestive tract for space, the greater the number of beneficial organisms that we can include in our diet the better. These beneficial bacteria improve our digestive function, strengthen the immune system and lower the numbers of these pathogenic organisms.

Most diseases do not occur over night. They occur because the body has been out of balance, inflamed, acidic and nutritionally depleted for a long time and we have not been heeding the subtle and sometimes not so subtle warning signals. No matter what the physical state your body is in we can all benefit from reducing our inflammatory load on our cells and enhancing our nutritional level of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. This helps the body restore balance and remove the accumulated inflammatory acidic load of metabolic wastes that can help create and maintain a state of un-wellness.

In order to restore the body’s balance, it is important to ensure good absorption of nutrients and alternative medicine so that the body is receiving the full benefit of the food it takes in. The body needs to ingest food that is highly alkaline which will act to reduce the acidic load on the cells which will in turn support the function of enzymes that clean the cells. It is essential that undigested food is not left sitting in the intestine feeding pathogenic and acid producing organisms. The gut needs to be allowed to rest. Finally, in order to be balanced the body must be provided with an adequate level of repairing nutrients including amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

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