With Christmas fast approaching, a lot of patients are starting to feel the pinch. So much so that by the time it comes to holiday’s a lot of us are too depleted to enjoy them fully.

Why not treat yourself to some acupuncture before the festive season starts. By using very fine needles traditional Japanese acupuncture can painlessly and effectively help reduce stress and deal with any niggling aches and pains accumulated over the busy year that was 2018.

This Japanese style of acupuncture is not only very gentle and in most cases completely painless, but extremely effective in reducing stress, anxiety and boosting ones energy levels. This is achieved by often using only a few small needles, and sometimes the addition of moxibustion which involves applying a gentle amount of heat to tight areas such as neck, shoulders and lower back.

If you have pain, are feeling drained, stressed or depleted then do yourself and your family a favour and book in for some acupuncture before the holidays start.



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