Nutritionally Trained GP, The Medical Sanctuary

Dealing with stress on a daily basis is part of being human. In small amounts it can actually be beneficial as we learn to adapt and potentially become stronger. It is when
that stress becomes chronic in amounts that we can no longer handle that the nervous system goes out of balance, internal alarm bells start ringing and we begin to experience
stress, mood changes and anxiety.
If this stress continues the excessive nervous energy can cause maladaptive endocrine response such as excessive adrenal activity known as hyperadrenalism. The adrenal gland is a small gland that sits on top of the kidney and among other things works on a 24 hr body clock with cortisol production. Cortisol normally increases before waking and becomes lower in the evening before bed. Cortisol helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, glucose balance, anti-inflammatory response, mood and mental clarity among other things.

A simple effective test to check out the adrenal gland is done by collecting saliva samples throughout the day to assess cortisol output by the adrenal. This is called an adrenocortex profile and samples are sent to a lab in Melbourne to be analyzed. For example a low morning cortisol level may be seen in someone waking unrefreshed after a full night in bed. This is often seen in someone suffering from fibromyalgia and a number of treatments are available for those with poor adrenal function.

Although exercise is generally good for you in a person with adrenal exhaustion strenuous exercise may not be the best prescription as cortisol levels will be drained even further. Massage, Yoga, acupuncture, fresh air and sunshine may be helpful if you have adrenal exhaustion.  At The Medical Sanctuary we also have a multi-choice questionnaire available, where the data is put into a website to determine which neurotransmitters are deficient. A graph can be printed out and the recommended supplement is then discussed. For example someone who is depressed and agitated has a different imbalance to someone depressed and tired.

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