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My whole motivation for studying medicine was quite simply the desire to learn how to prevent and treat disease.

I quickly realised that our conventional medical training doesn’t have all the answers. It teaches us well how to manage a severely sick patient in the accident and emergency room of a hospital or General Practitioners rooms requiring life-saving drugs or surgery, but when it comes to dealing with the chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and depression that we are seeing in scaringly increasing numbers in our Western world, medications are not curing the cause and answers are lacking.

I always want for my patients what I want for my family and myself, health made easily attainable and uncomplicated. Our human race has survived for hundreds of thousands of years without conventional drugs and doctors telling us how to live. Looking at statistics of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, allergies and degenerative diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer, unfortunately conventional medicine is not winning this war against these diseases.

My aim was to create a program that put more control of your health back into your own hands. Just like the saying goes “If you give a man a fish you’ve fed him for a day if you teach a man to fish you’ve fed him for a lifetime”. I also wanted to create a program that was simple and gave rapid results. Every time we make a choice about what we do or don’t eat or drink it has a powerful effect on the body. Living in a privileged Western world where our every food desire can be met instantly we have lost many of the old food principles such as fasting. This practice helps keep disease causing inflammation under control, and assists the body to stay clean and strong.

When our cells are full of metabolic waste products, (you can also use the word “toxic” to describe this) we feel more stressed, agitated and emotionally flat.  The definition of a toxin is something that negatively interferes with how the body normally functions. Toxins can come from either the external (air pollution, pesticides etc) or internal environment (metabolic waste products from our own cells such as uric or lactic acids or from pathogenic organisms such as bacteria within our intestines). If they are not able to be removed from our bodies efficiently they cause damaging effects to our tissues.

When our bodies try to protect themselves from toxins they mount an inflammatory response. One inflammatory mechanism of protection is to increase mucus production to coat and wall off these toxins so that they reduce their harmful effect on our bodies. This mucus builds up in our cells and around our organs reducing their ability to function efficiently. An obvious sign of toxicity is the increased mucous production from our own mucus membranes such as in our intestines and sinuses resulting in sinus congestion, hay-fever and irritable bowel syndrome.

This initial protective inflammatory response can turn destructive when occurring continuously over a long period of time.  Symptoms of being “toxic” can range from minor irritations of feeling tired, bloated, having dark circles under the eyes or fluid retention, to very severe disabling headaches, joint pains, hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel symptoms and skin disorders to name just a few.

The greatest potentially life changing benefits consistently reported to me by my patients after they complete a program of detoxification is how much happier and calmer they feel. They also report

how much more mental energy and increased clarity of thought they have. It is not surprising that an inflamed brain doesn’t function as efficiently as it would if it was in a healthier state. Medical science is starting to understand that metabolic waste products cause inflammation and in turn that inflammation causes disease.

A program that could address all of these principles made a lot of sense to me as a doctor. My desire was to reduce the burden of poor health faced by so many people today and to also decrease the risk of developing disease in the future.

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