Get a detox buddy and get better results!

Let’s face it the thought of detoxing can be challenging, even if you’ve done it before. For those of you who have done a detox you’ll know the benefits; clearer skin, more energy and a happier clarity of mind, but we all need help with motivation every now and again. So why not do it with a friend?

Detoxing together with another person or group is much easier. There are the daily shared commiserations of the initial hunger pangs and occasional aches and pains, and the shared triumphs of feeling happier than you have for a long time and losing those last difficult to shed kilos that refused to leave after that last cruising holiday.

Most of us have a touch of healthy competitiveness triggered by comparing yourself with others that helps to spur us on during those moments when the TV commercials just seem to be continually about food, and knowing that you are accountable to the interrogations of your buddy or detox group can make for interesting conversations at the next get together.

Little is achieved in life without effort, so make it easier for yourself by rallying as much support as you can for your next detox. Maybe the whole work place office can get involved and it can be a group challenge.

Happy detoxing!
Dr Elen

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