1. What is HYDRO-REGEN? HYDRO-REGEN is a powerful, mineral-balanced
antioxidant formula designed using scientifically proven high-quality ingredients
that enhance your antioxidant defence system. HYDRO-REGEN, at its core, is a
Molecular Hydrogen generating product.

2. What is Molecular Hydrogen? Molecular hydrogen is two hydrogen atoms
bonded together. It’s the smallest molecule that exists, so it’s able to pass
through cells much faster and easier than any other molecule. Molecular
Hydrogen exists as a gas, so it dissipates quickly throughout the body. Over the
past 10 years, more than 500 peer-reviewed research studies have confirmed
that molecular hydrogen is the most versatile antioxidant and has therapeutic
potential in essentially every organ in the human body. Molecular hydrogen
became a focused topic of study after it was discovered that the health benefits
of alkaline ionized water actually came from the small amount of molecular
hydrogen dissolved in the water! You can learn more about molecular hydrogen
at the following websites:

3. How Does HYDRO-REGEN produce Molecular Hydrogen? HYDRO-REGEN’s
proprietary blend generates Molecular Hydrogen by donating electrons to
hydrogen ions in water. When a capsule of HYDRO-REGEN dissolves in the
stomach and the contents are released, our proprietary Activated Magnesium
Carbonate donates electrons to the water. Hydrogen ions that take up an
electron become hydrogen atoms, and two hydrogen atoms combine to form
Molecular Hydrogen. Our Activated Magnesium Carbonate is different from any
ordinary magnesium carbonate because it has the ability to create a reaction in
water to produce Molecular Hydrogen.

4. What are Nanobubbles? HYDRO-REGEN generates molecular hydrogen slowly
over time, reaching its peak hydrogen production after 1 hour inside the
stomach and continuing to produce hydrogen for 24 hours. HYDRO-REGEN
generates molecular hydrogen in the form of nanobubbles. Nanobubbles are
100x smaller than Microbubbles so they are more stable in water. Nanobubbles
are able to stay inside the cells for longer periods of time, allowing it to neutralize
free radicals and produce a positive effect in your cells.

5. What is the difference between drinking hydrogen-enriched water vs taking
HYDRO-REGEN? There are many hydrogen water producing devices that are
developed mostly in Japan and South Korea. Hydrogen water is excellent
because when hydrogen bubbles are produced in the water, the water is
restructured for better absorption. Not only do you receive hydrogen from
drinking the water, you hydrate much more effectively.
However, the two limitations with hydrogen water are the following:
a. Most hydrogen water devices are not portable, so you can’t have
hydrogen water when you’re on-the-go.
b. Hydrogen Water can only hold 1.6 ppm of Hydrogen at maximum
saturation, but hydrogen is so small that it escapes the water rapidly.
Which is why you need to drink hydrogen water as soon as it is made to
get the best results.
HYDRO-REGEN on the other hand produces hydrogen inside your body, so you
get the highest concentration of hydrogen delivered to your body per capsule.
One capsule of HYDRO-REGEN will evolve more hydrogen in your body than
what is contained in 2L of freshly made, fully saturated hydrogen-enriched water.
Ideally, you would use both the hydrogen water and the HYDRO-REGEN for the
best results because hydration w/ hydrogen is key.

6. Do you still need to take other antioxidants e.g SOD and glutathione,
polyphenols, vitamin C etc. if you take Hydro-ReGen? Absolutely. Because
polyphenols and Vitamin C are not just antioxidants, they also benefit your
health in a variety of ways. You are constantly bombarded with free radicals
throughout the day so your cells need as much help as they can get. It is true
that Hydrogen activates antioxidant enzymes inside the body as well, but these
other antioxidants will work synergistically with HYDRO-REGEN for a more
powerful result.

7. Who should take HYDRO-REGEN?
HYDRO-REGEN is for people who:
1. Want to live a healthy and fulfilling life
2. Are looking for a real solution to their health problem
3. Understand the dangers of free radicals and want to protect themselves
and their loved ones.

8. What is the Reommended Dosage of HYDRO-REGEN?
The recommended dosage is 3 capsules with 8oz of water per capsule
throughout the day. For a more powerful effect, we recommend a loading
dosage of 6 to 9 capsules per day for the first two weeks until you notice a
change in your energy levels or health condition.
Depending on your weight and sensitivity, the dosages may change. The
recommended dosage above is for a person weighing 160 lbs. Depending
on your weight and sensitivity to supplements adjust the dosage accordingly.
9. What can I expect from taking Molecular Hydrogen?

Most people of average health notice an increase in energy levels, increased
endurance during exercise, minimal fatigue in the morning and minimal to no
hangover after a night of drinking. Most of these effects happen in 1 day to 1
week. Some Benefits Include:
 Boost in energy, mental clarity and focus Maintenance of optimal weight
 Enhanced athletic performance
 Decreased recovery time Regular Bowel Movements Improved Skin Health
 It all depends on how free radicals are affecting your health because free
radicals and oxidative stress affects each person differently. Your results
will vary.

10. Are there any side effects with taking HYDRO-REGEN? You may have a
detoxification reaction where you need to go to the restroom more frequently or
have some of your health symptoms intensify. This is a very natural part of
detoxification. Further, if you are sensitive, you may not be able to go to sleep if
you take HYDRO-REGEN too close to bedtime because you will have increased
energy. If that’s the case, take your last dose of HYDRO-REGEN before dinner
If you feel uncomfortable at any time, stop taking HYDRO-REGEN immediately
and resume with a lower dose when your symptoms subside. Please make sure to
stay hydrated during this whole process.

11. Isn’t taking too much antioxidants considered bad for your health? Yes, too
much antioxidant supplementation may not be ideal for good health. Most
antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10 etc. are non-selective.
Meaning they go after all different types of free radicals including ones that are
useful for your body such as Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitric Oxide. They may
break the balance of free radicals and antioxidants. However, this is rare
because most of the time the balance is skewed towards free radicals due to
our lifestyle, diet, and environment.
Molecular Hydrogen, however, is selective. Meaning it will only attack and
eliminate harmful free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals form
when excess superoxide anions react with metals and toxins inside the cells.
Molecular Hydrogen only selectively eliminates cytotoxic free radicals inside the
cells so there’s no risk of over supplementation of antioxidants with HYDROREGEN. Not only that, Molecular hydrogen modulates the antioxidant enzymes in
your cells so depending on the amount of free radicals in your cells, molecular
hydrogen will upregulate or downregulate the production of antioxidants.

12. Why do you have magnesium stearate in your product? Due to the nature of
our formula, our powder blend is fluffier than other powder blends and does not
flow easily. This is why we are using a vegetable-grade magnesium stearate in
less than 2% of our formula for the time-being. As we continue to develop our
product we will completely phase out magnesium stearate.

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