How Hypnotherapy Enhances Fertility

Falling pregnant the second time around isn’t as straightforward as we may think. Secondary Infertility (or the inability to fall pregnant after a previous pregnancy) affects many couples, and yet is not well recognised.


In fact, 1 in 10 couples that are going through IVF, do so for secondary infertility. Unfortunately, past success of pregnancy is no guarantee for future success. Passing time after the first pregnancy can mean that other conditions, that are not specifically age-related, can develop for both the woman and man, where they didn’t previously exist. Hormonal shifts or other endocrine problems can crop up, altering the body’s delicate balance. More often though, the reason for change can’t be pinpointed making the diagnosis especially bewildering.

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Fertility Hypnosis is assisting couples to achieve their dream of conceiving a child naturally or as a great support to medically assisted methods such as IVF. It uses gentle mind-body focus to enhance the body’s natural state of fertility.

This mind-body approach to fertility is based on a holistic health model. Problems with conception and pregnancy can occur when our basic physical and emotional needs are not being met and the mind and/or body have temporarily lost their natural state of balance and harmony. An imbalance may be caused by external environmental factors, unhealthy internal processes or the inability to get one’s basic physical and emotional needs met in a healthy way.

The HypnoFertility program is found to be reducing stress and maintaining a clear calm state of mind, that not only improves your health but dramatically increases your chances of a successful pregnancy. Stress plays a critical role in our ability to fall pregnant. The relationship between stress and infertility is complex, however, the benefits of relaxation are now becoming more widely accepted. This non-invasive program is helping many couples realise their dream of becoming pregnant.

Q & A with Hypnotherapist Anthea Thomas

Q. I have been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ and I am feeling lost. What can you suggest?

A. There are so many factors that contribute to infertility and a couple’s ability to fall pregnant, but the most common diagnosis by far is simply ‘unexplained infertility’. This is where there is no physiological reason for a couple to not become pregnant, and although you may feel helpless upon hearing this, it is actually great news. Reducing your stress levels through hypnosis, and refocusing with healthy beliefs and emotions can bring balance back to the body’s hormonal system and enhance your fertility. Many women are finding they are becoming pregnant with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

Q. How can I reduce my stress levels?

A. My first suggestion is to make an agreement that you will stop ‘trying’ to fall pregnant. Go back to being a partner and find that intimacy you once had. Meditation and relaxation are a wonderful way to slow your mind and body down. Learning self-hypnosis is easy, this can be taught during your first appointment. Find time for yourself to do the things you enjoy. Additionally, exercise and good nutrition add to your state of well-being, so make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to support your mind and body balance.

Q. What is hypnosis?

A.Hypnosis is a natural state we all access daily, just like a daydream or light sleep. The body is relaxed with the mind quiet, calm and peaceful. You are always aware of everything that is going on and are in complete control. Through hypnosis, we can access our unconscious mind that holds all our deep beliefs and thoughts on pregnancy, and it is where great change and learning can occur.

Q. Would hypnotherapy be beneficial to someone going through IVF?

A. IVF can be an emotional and challenging time. Fertility with hypnosis is a wonderful support to couples undergoing an assisted reproductive method, and study’s show that women who participate in mind-body programs for stress reduction while undergoing IVF treatments have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not. In fact, research now shows that the use of hypnosis during embryo transfer actually doubles the IVF outcome in terms of implantation and clinical pregnancy rates.

Article from Kids on the Coast Magazine August 2012. Author: The Medical Sanctuary’s hypnotherapist Anthea Thomas. Read more about Anthea HERE.


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