Live blood screening is an observation of live blood, which involves viewing a freshly taken blood sample under a microscope. A tiny prick is made on the patient’s finger and a droplet of blood is added to a sterile slide. Blood is not drawn from the veins as with other blood tests doctors perform. You will find this quite a painless experience.

Unlike most medical testing live blood screening allows you to be present and an observer during the entire procedure. You get to have a physical look at the blood and what is happening inside. The practitioner will discuss with you whilst observing variations in the size, shape, ratios and fine structure of both red and white cells, platelets and other structures in your blood giving you a broader understanding. This information allows the practitioner to provide a more accurate professional recommendation on the present state of your health. Live blood screening enables early detection of problem areas and therefore can be used as a preventative measure for the patient.

The test must be done efficiently and quickly or many of the live blood’s features will degrade with time.

What can live blood screening tell me about my health right now?

  • Nutritional status of your blood
  • Organ system dysfunctions
  • Gut permeability & digestive health
  • Blood cell integrity
  • Antioxidant levels and free radical load
  • Some biochemical imbalances
  • Any inflammatory process
  • Your immune system activity
  • And your hydration levels

Why would one want to have a live blood screening?

It will detect functional imbalances otherwise known as precursors to disease(inflammation, sluggish immunity, poor red cell structure etc), quite early on, and in some instances well before that of standard blood pathology. So by displaying your live blood on a monitor you can see how your blood picture is affected by poor diet and lifestyle choices.

You are then given a professional recommendation to assist you in resolving any disorders whilst in the initial stage, giving you the opportunity to look at prevention, rather than wait for things to go wrong and then take longer to resolve. The practitioner then gives you a specific treatment regime, for your own unique requirements.

As you begin to make changes here and improve you will then experience the benefits of achieving optimum health and vitality.

 It can help screen for a number of risk factors that may be affecting your blood including:

  • High fat Diets
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Smoking, Alcohol
  • Stress

Live blood is helpful to assess liver function. Standard liver function tests do not necessarily show any abnormal function of the liver but usually show liver damage. Why wait to that stage where damage is indicated? What we really need to know for preventative measures is how the liver is functioning right now. Live Blood Screening can give you that information.

Also the Live Blood Screen is done immediately and the blood is not introduced to or altered in any way by chemicals or staining solutions as would be with conventional blood testing where it is dried/fixed on a slide.

The testing is very useful for people who have poor digestive function, allergies, fatty livers and a variety of other gastrointestinal problems. It is an excellent test for people to receive and then offers the practitioner a much clearer picture of your present state of health, whereby the practitioner can formulate the correct remedies to help resolve any problems.

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