Medical professionals agree that all chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer are linked to inflammation and oxidative stress (or rusting). This is because it directly damages our cells stopping them from functioning properly causing disease. In order to help treat these diseases and reduce our risk of getting them it is crucial that we reduce this inflammation. Damaging free radicals causing oxidative stress come from UV radiation, unhealthy food, cigarettes, infections, air pollution and also from within our own bodies especially when we are stressed. When our cells create energy we actually make free radicals causing oxidative stress, so in times of emotional stress or high intensity exercise when we need to produce lots of energy quickly the levels of damaging free radicals escalates increasing our and risk of disease. The catch 22 of this problem is that when our cells have high levels of free radicals they can’t produce energy properly and this creates even more free radicals. This is why a lot of elite athletes “burn out”. It is also the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. The way our bodies mop up this oxidative stress that damages cells is through antioxidants. These come from healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. We also manufacture our own antioxidants within our cells. Aging and disease occurs when we are exposed to more free radicals than we have anti-oxidants to mop them up. The problem with taking anti-oxidants supplements is that some free radicals are actually necessary for the cell to cope with stress and to fight infection. How do we get around this problem? The answer is with molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen has been well documented in medical research since 2007. It’s unique way of functioning means that it only mops up the dangerous free radicals and leaves the beneficial gentler free radicals that control infections and help the cell cope with stress untouched. Medical research shows that Molecular Hydrogen due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties increase energy, reduce the bodies acidity level, increase mental clarity, reduce allergies, improve skin health helps stabilise blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation in arthritis, improve athletic performance and this list goes on. Combined with a lifestyle program of good stress management, gentle exercise and healthy diet it quite simply is one of the most powerful ways to improve your health and help reduce the risk of chronic disease. By Dr Elen ApThomas – Holistic Doctor @ The Medical Sanctuary

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