Are there areas of your family’s health that you know need to improve? Why not make 2015 the year to take charge of the health and wellbeing of your family? From a healthy family flows so many positive changes to your relationships, learning, and enjoyment of experiences. There is nothing worse than the guilt of knowing that there are areas that need to be improved in your family’s health. It is surprising to observe how many families are living with medical conditions that can be managed and/or treated relatively easily. Many a times families do not realise that they do not have to put up with the symptoms of certain common medical conditions such as those listed below.

Allergies & Asthma – there exists effective diagnosis and management strategies for allergies and asthma. These range from practical solutions, natural remedies, and medical treatments. If you or your child is experiencing symptoms of allergies/asthma such as itchy eyes or throat, coughing at night or in the mornings, watery eyes, hives and rashes, or enlarged tonsils consider having a check to diagnose allergies and/or asthma and the root cause of these.

Food Intolerances – these are on the rise and so many individuals from young children to adults suffer from food intolerances. Common intolerances include dairy and gluten but there are others that are more subtle but impair quality of life that are worth investigating. Symptoms of food intolerances including abdominal bloating and wind, abdominal pains, constipation or diarrhoea, and/or reflux.

Poor Immunity – if there are certain members in the household who are prone to get sick then there may be an underlying cause to their impaired immunity. This can range from vitamin and mineral deficiencies to genetic immunefamily health disorders. These too can be tested for and treated or managed.

Poor Sleep – if you or your child is not sleeping well then there may be a medical cause. This can range from food intolerances, sleep apnoea, to sleep hormone deficiencies. Once again it is worth looking into the cause of poor sleep further as quality sleep is one of the keys to health and wellbeing.

Perhaps 2015 is your year to start enjoying life as a family free from medical conditions that can be effectively treated or managed. Consider speaking to an integrative doctor who will look at the root cause of the health issue and devise a health plan to help your family get back on track in 2015.

By Dr Cris Beer

Holistic Medical Practitioner @ The Medical Sanctuary

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