For many years electromagnetic technology has been used in diagnostic and therapeutic devices, in both orthodox and complementary medicine. In the first half of the 20th century many of these devices were somewhat empirical and thus often considered ineffective. The advent of the pharmaceutical revolution significantly diminished the use of electromagnetism, especially in main stream “orthodox” medicine. However over the last 40 years the advent of sound, orthodox experimental work, such as that carried out by Dr R.O.Becker1 in New York, has qualified both the harmful and therapeutic effects of electromagnetic fields. This in turn has led to the publication of numerous specialist papers and books on the subject.2 Now in complementary medical fields, such as acupuncture and vibrational medicine, the advent of computer technology and advanced electronics has led to the significant development of effective diagnostic and therapeutic tools.3 The BioElectric Field Enhancement (BEFE) unit is one of these tools and represents a significant advance in the development of electromagnetic medicine. Having personally worked with the BEFE in my integrative medical practice and studied reports of its success amongst colleagues, I am convinced electromagnetic/energetic medicine will play a much bigger role in the future.


Based upon an interpretation of Quantum Theory, the BEFE unit is an Australian device, designed to provide an external source of “negative electron” energy for the body. As the manufacturer insists on pointing out, in this capacity it is not a medical device and does not actually diagnose, cure or treat any disease, or condition. In reality it is a sophisticated spa, energizing the water, which is used as a conductive medium. All living things possess energy fields, thus when a person bathes in the water and takes a BEFE bath, the body absorbs the energy provided to use as needed. Since the quality of design and manufacture are of medical grade and the unit is used in water, the BEFE has received official approval from the TGA in Australia, (Australian equivalent to the FDA) and is marketed there as a therapeutic spa/medical device. It has undergone stringent testing and has been shown to be safe to use in the manner advised.
This unit consists of a double-insulated, step-down transformer producing a smooth, rectified, 24 volt, DC supply to a unique, water electrode array. The design and structure of the array is crucial to the efficacy of the unit, a patent has been applied for. The arrangement of the copper and stainless steel plates, combined with the proprietary electronics, creates specific electromagnetic frequencies and harmonics, which are transmitted to the body through the water medium.

Method of Use

In practice part or whole of the body is immersed in the water, and the device turned on for up to 35 minutes. The electrode array causes basic electrolysis of the water, gas bubbles are seen to be released from the plates. The charging effect causes dissolved impurities in the water to be precipitated. This leads to discoloration of the water, sedimentation and the formation of a scum on the surface. Much of this is coming from the water itself and not from the person in the bath, although there does appear to be a significant detoxification effect. At the same time the BEFE generates negative electrons, which are released into the water as a waveform, synergistic with the electrical state of the person being treated. The proprietary electronic circuitry ensures the energy waveform matches and enhances that of the individual in the water.
Of interest, when some people start using this unit they experience mild tingling or sensations at the site of old operations or injuries. It is thought this may be due to the area becoming energized. Tap water is used and the mineral and chemical content of this varies between areas. Thus the discoloration seen during a BEFE treatment will vary according to the water source. Furthermore, in spite of using the same water source, the water discoloration seen varies between individuals and may change with the number of baths or the person’s state of health. The constantly changing bio-electric field around every person and probably causes a unique response in the precipitation of particles from the water, thus causing the unique color changes during bathing. During initial use of the spa the water is often very discolored. As a person continues to use the spa and responds to the energy source, the water color tends to improve and lighten. However these are merely observations and should not be overemphasized. The color change does not relate to toxin release. Response to the BEFE may occur slowly with regular use over a period of time. Occasional use may not produce the desired response.
People on medications may use the BEFE providing they take a bath with this instrument at least one hour before or two hours after taking medication. The reason for this is purely a precautionary measure to ensure nothing interferes with either this instrument or the medication. All medications and supplements should be continued as before and should only be changed under the guidance of the Health Professional in charge of the case. Blood pressure should be checked regularly as anything which causes relaxation, such as a spa, may assist in normalizing it.
Use is limited to 35 minutes alternate days. Do not use this treatment during pregnancy or in conjunction with a pacemaker, immuno-suppressive drugs or organ transplant.

Experimental Results

Monitoring electron generation using a specifically designed ORP (Oxygen-Reduction-Potential) meter, indicates water may run at + 400 to + 450. Once the BEFE is running, the ORP reading will charge as the electron content of the water and immersed body is equilibrated. Initially, as the body takes up available energy, the ORP reading changes very little. However when the body reaches equilibrium, the electron content of the water begins to increase and a drop in the ORP reading is noted. The “electron drop” can be slow or rapid, and appears to be related to the state of the individual taking the treatment. Negative figures of – 400 to – 600 have been recorded and may relate to overall vitality and healing capacity. Experts in the field of energetic medicine now speculate the change in electron status of the body is linked to a subtle shift in base balance, leading to an “Alkalinization” of the body. If true this would suggest a possible mechanism for the enhanced vitality and healing attributed to hydrotherapy generally. Perhaps this also provides a key to the alleged benefits of natural spa waters.

Clinical Observations

An increasing number of personal testimonials draw attention to the uniqueness  and efficacy of the BEFE unit in providing energy for the body to heal itself. In my mind there is no doubt the natural healing potential of the human body has been severely underestimated by orthodox scientists and physicians. Orthodox medicine is generally based upon the principal of cutting (surgery), burning (radiotherapy), or poisoning (therapeutics) pathology to effect what is called “treatment” or a “cure.” This does not diagnose or treat disease. However, by providing negative electrons, it provides energy for the body to use as required, acting as a supportive “spa” or stress relief device and works well in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities.

Personal observations have included the following cases:

A 45 years old female with terminal cancer of the brain. The tumor could only be partially resected due to its position. In spite of medication she was left with headaches, double vision, facial numbness and pain, tremor of the hands, weight loss and depression. She had lived a month longer than predicted. She began supportive nutritional therapy and took BEFE baths every other day. After six weeks she ceased to use this instrument and when reviewed, had lost all her symptoms, regained weight and had determined to return to work.
A 42 years old male diagnosed with AIDS following an outbreak of severe herpes zoster, began supportive nutrition and BEFE baths for 35 minutes alternate days. He has continued this regime for over 18 months. During that time his clinician has noted a sustained improvement in T cell count and a reduction of viral load. Clinically he has regained energy and continued a normal life. At this point he has not required anti-viral therapy.
A 53 years old female, suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia affecting the back, consented to one treatment. She slept deeply and was tired the following day, after which she regained a new energy level. Back pain was eased and nocturnal spasms disappeared. She had a previous history of prolapsed intervertebral disc with occasional exacerbations of sciatic nerve pain. On one occasion she was confined to bed following such an attack of pain radiating to both legs. Use of the BEFE was limited to immersing one hand in a bowl of water, but a single session of 35 minutes still proved effective in relieving spasm and promoting relaxation.

Other anecdotal reports indicate the use of this instrument in a variety of conditions may support concurrent medical treatments, promoting extraordinary levels of improvement and healing. Associated conditions include:

•    Easing arthritic pain and disability
•    Energizing effect in chronic fatigue syndrome.
•    Energizing and strengthening neuromuscular function in multiple sclerosis.
•    Supportive therapy in cancer recovery.
•    Rejuvenating effect in diabetic neuropathy.
•    Normalizing renal function.
•    Normalizing effect in autism.
•    Symptomatic improvement in neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease and stroke.
•    Improved memory in Alzheimer’s disease.
•    Enhanced detoxification and excretion of toxic heavy metals.

Case History–Heavy Metal Detoxification

Analysis of urinary toxic metal excretion on a 27 year-old female pre and post treatment showed significant increased urinary elimination of aluminum, peaking at 110 micrograms/24 hours (normal range 0-37). Urinary elimination of nickel, cadimium and arsenic also increased, but none exceeded the normal laboratory ranges.

  (mcgs/24hrs) Before RX BEFE Rx1 BEFE Rx5
Day:   1 2 13
Aluminum (0-37) 0 23 110
Arsenic (0-140) 23 43 31
Cadmium (0-3) 0.1 0.3 0.3
Mercury (0-5) 2.4 2 0
Nickel (0-20) 1.6 5.8 4.6

Case History–Electro-meridian Balancing

Many alternative practitioners use electronic measurement of acupuncture meridians when assessing disease progress and therapeutic response. It has been postulated the value of a BEFE bath lies in its effect on balancing body meridians, thus it was interesting to receive the results of a clinical case study from one such practitioner. Trained in the use of electroacupuncture, she measured the charge recorded at the end of each meridian, both before and after the subject took a BEFE bath. The sum total of the meridians was averaged and compared, the results being as follows. At the same time she noted the before and after resting blood pressure:

Electromeridian Examination Results:

Average Value of Meridians
Pre Bath:     76     105     95
Post Bath:    101     111     101

Difference:     25     6     6

Blood Pressure response to BEFE Baths:

No of baths: 1 4 7
Resting BP 140/100 130/97 120/

Her results indicate this unit increased meridian energy. what is also noted is the difference between before and after was more marked the first time this instrument was used. Individual reading (data on file) indicated a balancing effect between the left and right pathways following a BEFE bath. Finally she noticed a modest reduction in resting blood pressure. Admittedly this is a single case study and the results cannot be extrapolated. However the trend is interesting and indicates the need for further research.


In my opinion the BEFE unit represents a significant advance in Energetic Medicine. It is a spa device, which appears to be associated with providing negative electron energy, enabling the body to accomplish remarkable detoxification, elimination of heavy metals, and balancing of inherent energy fields. As a therapeutic spa it promises to be an extremely useful adjunct to both orthodox and complementary medical therapies. Initial observations and anecdotal reports indicate it warrants further investigation. Detailed clinical trials and plot studies will be available shortly.
Richard Marsh specializes in Integrative Medicine. For many years he practiced in England as a Primary Care Physician with special interest in Nutritional Medicine and Holistic Cancer Therapy. He has also worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and been involved in the development of HGH secretagogues. He has lectured extensively on Nutrition and Anti-Aging, and is currently researching Electromagnetic Therapies.

This article represents the personal views of the author and is for information purposes only. No medical claims for BEFE are made or implied.

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