Cassi’s Protein Balls:


* 2 cups of raw mixed nuts (full of good fats, protein and minerals). 
* 60g Fermented Rice Protein Powder such as RAW, Sun Warrior or Clean Energy (with probiotics for the gut, low allergy and full of protein)
* 30g Lecithin (great for the brain and nervous system)
* 30g Chia Seeds (excellent fibre and protein source)
* ½ cup of pumpkin seeds (great source of zinc)


* ½ cup of dates (fibre and energy)
* ½ cup of Goji Berries (antioxidants galore!)
* 20g Cacao Powder (great for mood and memory and gives a chocolate flavour)
* 1 tspn Cinnamon Powder (regulates blood sugar and mood)
* 2-3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
                                                                               * Dessicated coconut


In a food processor, blend nuts. When moderately chopped, add all other ingredients (except coconut oil) and blend. Whilst still blending, slowly drizzle in coconut oil until ingredients start to stick. I also add some water here as well. Take a tablespoon of mix and roll into a ball (it should stick together quite well), roll in dessicated coconut, and pop in fridge. Can also roll in cacao powder or sesame seeds etc etc.

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