natural bristle skin brushDetoxification should include some type of skin cleansing, because our skin is one of our best eliminative organs. Skin Cleanse have been performed for centuries using skin brushing, herbs, saunas and sweat lodges. Heavy metals are actually released through the skin’s pores when we sweat. The theory behind skin cleanses is that toxic substances such as pesticides and drugs along with bodily wastes; for example, fats and excess inorganic minerals are often deposited in the fatty tissues below the surface of the skin. Sauna baths and steam rooms are great for removing toxins from the skin and regenerating one’s health and energy. Good skin care is in order, if one’s health is to benefit.

This is especially the case if the other organs of elimination like the colon, kidneys or lungs are not capable of processing and eliminating these substances. If the skin is not efficiently eliminating wastes, a backlog of toxic substances and wastes will accumulate in the body. This can put extra strain on the liver to process these substances. In addition, some of the substances that were deposited in the fatty tissue re-enter the bloodstream and cause additional health problems over time.

In order to eliminate a backlog of wastes and toxic substances and improve the skin’s efficiency in eliminating these wastes, a Skin Cleanse should be performed. It has been documented that our skin’s sweat glands when combined can perform as much detoxification as one kidney. Therefore, it is very important to support our skin for detoxification to be maximal. If our kidneys are damaged, then helping the skin will help the kidneys … indirectly, but effectively.

Using chemicalised skin care products, soaps and shampoos is not wise, even though they are cheaper. These chemicals may be absorbed into our circulation and provide more “toxins” for our liver to deal with. Most people do not “see” the ill effects of these subtle chemicals, because their liver is able to metabolize them. But, individuals who are environmentally toxic will see a great change in their health when using natural organic skin care products.

natural bristle skin brushCleansing our skin is rather simple. First, we need to bathe daily using natural soaps. Then we need to care for the skin by using only natural oils and organic products of natural origin. Dry skin brushing with a natural bristle brush helps in removing the outer dead skin layers and keeps the pores open. Skin brushing is a very good way to promote elimination of wastes from the skin and to improve the overall health of the skin. Performing skin brushing on a regular basis will help promote healing of the organs that are burdened by excess wastes.

A natural bristle skin brush with a long handle is used to brush in little circles in every part of your body except your head and other sensitive areas. This should be done at least one time every other day. It should be done twice per day, morning and evening during a Skin Cleanse or during an acute illness. Natural bristle complexion brushes can be used on more sensitive areas.

Even the clothes we wear can make a big difference in our health. Synthetic fibers do not absorb sweat (toxins), while natural fibers, like cotton, will absorb toxins. Good skin care also requires good nutrition. Since our skin is mainly fat, we need high quality fats and oil from natural sources to give our skin health. Fish, raw nuts and olive oil are three excellent sorces of natural oils, which keep the skin in good condition. As always, the fats/oils should be natural and organic only.

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