The weather is warming up and the body will soon be on show again at the spring races and maybe the beach. If you’re like most of us and like to indulge in winter comfort food and are looking at your swimming cossie with distaste it’s time to give the body a quick spring clean and drop those winter kilograms.

Over the years I’ve learnt a few fail safe concepts combining conventional and holistic medical wisdom that quickly help shed some unwanted kilos relatively painlessly for a special event or simply to get back on track.

Our muscle is our most active fat burning cells and the more protein we eat the more muscle we tend to put on. As a general rule protein (eggs and meat) builds muscle tissue and high glycaemic index carbohydrates (like white bread and flour) create fat stores.Slim Down For Spring Racing

Starting the day with a high protein meal such as eggs or baked beans starts the day by building muscle, increasing energy and reducing sugar cravings. The better our energy and the less we crave sugar the more likely we are to stick to our best intentions and not sabotage our weight loss goals.

Protein again at lunch time (such as chicken or tuna and salad) again supports energy and muscle production and helps with brain energy keeping us focussed and not craving the sweet treats as we hit our lowest energy point at 3 pm. Just in time for school pick up or that work deadline.

Many people don’t know that we are meant to have our lightest meal at night when our digestion is at its weakest. In order to support weight loss only foods that have a higher alkaline forming profile such as green vegetables, salads and vegetarian proteins due to their high mineral content and not animal protein foods that are  acid forming  are meant to be eaten after 3pm. This is because the enzymes that burn fat are very sensitive to our body’s pH level and if we are too acidic then we don’t burn fat well at all. This is why some people find it very difficult to lose weight.

My advice to quickly drops a few unwanted kilos is to have a protein shake with greens such as the organic Clean Energy protein shake for breakfast, a tuna or chicken salad for lunch and a vege stir fry, vege juice or soup for dinner. Or for a more rapid weight loss program I suggest you look at an intense detoxification program such as an organic fermented food detoxification programs (such as the FFDetox program) that supports alkaline balance and increase healthy bacteria in the gut that reduce acidity and inflammation that then help the body burn fat more efficiently.

By Dr Elen ApThomas

Creator of the FFDetox Program. For more information please visit





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