Why Should We Detox Our Bodies?

We all want to be healthy. To feel energized, strong and happy. Unfortunately this is not the case for an increasingly large number of people especially in our Western world where good food is abundant. So what is going on?

Current medical research is now indicating that inflammation is a common underlying cause of many modern degenerative diseases such as obesity, allergies, diabetes, heart disease and alzheimers. Many of the factors that contribute to this inflammation can be managed and reduced through a good detoxification program, hence the FFDetox program was born.

A detox program that reduces your inflammation makes you feel good. When our bodies are functioning efficiently we make lots of feel good serotonin for our brains making us happy and more tolerant in a challenging world, our mitochondria in our cells burn fat and produce energy more efficiently and we slow our aging process down. Now who doesn’t want that?!

The factors that reduce inflammation are fasting (eating less than 25% of our caloric needs over 24 hours), increasing our probiotic intake as well as eating more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and good quality protein and essential fatty acids, It is important to simultaneously reduce our exposure to toxins that cause inflammation such as alcohol, chemicals in the environment and inflammatory foods such as sugar and saturated fats. Many of these environmental toxins that cause inflammation can sit in the body for days, months and even years and can require the assistance of a potent detoxification program to help remove them from the body.

My aim was to put all of these variables into a simple to follow nutritional program that could be flexible and performed either 5-10 days consecutively each year or 2 days a week for many months.

In our chemically burdened world we are exposing ourselves to things that nature never designed us to deal with. These chemicals and toxins create an inflammatory load on our bodies that are contributing to our high levels of fatigue, depression and disease. Nature however has also been kind enough to give us the ability to be able to harness increasing our natural detoxification rate if we follow certain principles. This has all been put together for you in the FFDetox program. Happy detoxing!



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