Whether you have 1 child or 10, coming home with a new baby makes it an interesting time with mouths to feed!

Whilst providing for our children is paramount, we must not lose sight of the fact that you must take care of you! In the perfect world, we would have a support network in place to help with meals and attending children’s’ needs etc.

In practice I find it surprising that a large number of families don t have this support, many family s have moved here away from a support network and have not established another, or simply just don’t have one.

Vegetable StandMums and Dads, if you retired, running too close to the line and struggling to maintain good nutrition, this can lead to hard times for all and then the task of looking after family becomes potentially more daunting.

Finding even a few snippets of time to eat well together and maintaining some form of the routine goes a long way toward a healthy, happy family. Family walks in the park or on the beach, even if only for 20 mins once a week. Treating yourself to a café culture experience every couple of weeks, involving the kids in a family cook up, even if it means the littlest one is strapped to you, give them the chance to sample foods and see what goes on around food preparation. Make it a routine event.

Routine takes some planning and management and a good plan has a backup plan (or an escape route in our fantasies!)

Time, money and lifestyle etc all lead to periods when we detract from “the plan” During these times the ideal diet gets lost in unexpected situations or any of the many unforeseen “pop ups” in life. Fast foods become an affordable and easily accessible option, but far from the ideal solution. Fast foods are more often void of many of the enzymes and nutrients so important for balanced nutrition.

So a good back up plan is to have something on the shelf intentionally designed to have all required nutrients for optimal health. We now have the technology to produce nano nutrient super foods from fresh organic produce that are a complete, balanced highly absorbable source of nutrition.

Nano nutrients are available from the Medical Sanctuary. I recommend them for a supplementation to top up an otherwise ideal diet or as a staple nutrient for specific needs such as weight management or in place of a meal when time etc has detracted from the “plan”. They provide an affordable, easily accessible balanced food solution, far superior to most fast food options.

 Author: John Burchell – Naturopath at The Medical Sanctuary – Read more about John here.


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